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Wheelchair Manufacturer and Supplier: Standard Wheelchairs,Reclining Wheelchairs,Bariatric Wheelchairs,Commode Wheelchairs,Transport Wheelchairs and Pediatric Wheelchairs.Besco is setting new standards for quality.As the manufacturer of top-selling and exporting Manual Wheelchairs from China,Besco is the best choice for you .

Hospital Beds

Hospital Beds Supplier and Manufacturer:Hospital Beds,Electric Beds,Transfer Stretcher,Homecare Beds,Ultra-low Hospital Beds

Besco delivers breakthrough innovations in comfort and style for beds,furnishings and accessories.Smart design and high quality construction make Besco hospital beds and furnishings durable and safe.

Walking Aids

From Besco walking aids webpage.We sell walking assistance devices for the elderly and you will find low costs walkers,crutches,canes and rollator that will help you to get your walking back.Quality products from Besco offer more style and options to satisfy the most demanding users.Internal renovations are our primary specialization.

Bathroom Safety

Personal-care products from Besco offer more adaptable solutions than other suppliers.Durability and safety are the key of bath,shower,commode and grab bar products.Contact Besco to inquire the commode chairs,shower chairs,toilet raised seats and grab bars.


Standard Wheelchairs,Reclining Wheelchairs,Bariatric Wheelchairs,Commode Wheelchairs,Transport Wheelchairs and Pediatric Wheelchairs

Hospital Beds

Manual Hospital Beds,Electric Hospital Beds,Homecare Beds,Ultra-low Hospital Beds,Gynecological beds and Stainless Steel Beds

Walking Aids

Folding Canes,Offset Canes,Quad Canes,Blind Canes,Euro Style, Lightweight Aluminum Forearm Crutches,Walker,Rollator Walker

Bathroom Safety

Commode Chairs,Shower chairs,Bath Chairs,Toilet Raised Seats,Toilet Safety Frame and Grab Bars.

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Besco Medical:one of leading manufacturer and exporter of Wheelchairs,Hospital Beds,Bathroom Safety,Walking Aids,Oxygen Concentrators and PPE(protective coverall,KN95 masks,face shield,goggles)  from China.

In a healthy state,leisure time can be enjoyed with more awareness and the obligations in daily life are easier to manage.The ability to develop strength and vigour in both areas does not come by itself - everyone must undertake efforts to gain these qualities.We often only become aware of that once illness or subsiding physical strength and mobility has imposed restrictions.

But even then it is possible to promote one's quality of life by establishing a strengthened state of well-being and long-term independence,and even being in the need of care,not always easy to endure,a human and active lifestyle can be created.

Besco Medical produce products Wheelchairs,Hospital Beds,Commode Chairs,Walker,Oxygen Concentrators,PPE(protective coverall,KN95 masks,face shield,goggles),Transport Chairs and Folding Canes that promote your health.


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